Dr. James Dobson Concludes ‘Building A Family Legacy’ Event With Call for Involved Parents

Patriarch of the American Family Concludes Live Event;
Challenges Parents to Be There and Beware


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SAN DIEGO – July 9, 2012 – Dr. James Dobson capped his four-night, two-weekend, BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY event with a ringing call to parents to be active, involved and, most of all, present in the lives of their children.

“Culture flows like a powerful river, and it is extremely difficult to prevent your kids from being swept downstream into unknown waters,” said Dr. Dobson, the author of 30 best sellers including The Strong-Willed Child and Bringing Up Girls. “You must not become distracted from your ultimate priority, which is to raise healthy children and introduce them to Jesus Christ.”

This series drew more than 5,000 parents to Skyline Church near San Diego to hear the renowned psychologist, author and radio host along with his son, Ryan.  He is also a broadcaster and an important voice on family issues.

BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY is the updated and expanded version of Dr. Dobson’s legendary parenting series from 1978, which was filmed and eventually seen by a third of the U.S. population. When Ryan, as a brand new dad, saw the decades-old series four years ago, he urged his father to record a new DVD series and to communicate principles of marriage and parenthood to a younger generation.

“Growing up Dobson, I openly challenged my parents like almost every other kid,” Ryan said.  “But I’m so grateful that they loved me enough to hold the line. Dad’s teaching is still just as practical and relevant for parents today.”

Dr. Dobson said:  “I am most concerned about the children of parents who are overworked, distracted, exhausted and uninvolved. Without their care and direction, the culture will take them to hell. I have witnessed it a thousand times. Even with proper parental supervision, many of our kids are on the bubble.”

Dr. Dobson traced the legacy of his great grandfather, who influenced four generations of his family even long after his death.

The BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY series will be available on DVD in 2013.  Information is available at BuildingaFamilyLegacy.com.

Dr. Dobson currently heads Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, a nonprofit organization and radio program. For 14 years, he was an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine and was on the attending staff of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for 17 years. He earned his Ph.D. in child development from USC. He founded and is chairman emeritus of Focus on the Family.


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