Great-Grammy Pauline

Today, will be quite an exciting day I think … not just to be able to get together with my parents, brother, John, and my grandmother Pauline – but to be able to share the surprising news with my Grammy that she is going to be a great-grammy!!!  Honestly, this will not be the first time that my Grammy is going to be able to have this honor … but it is definitely going to be a surprise to her that a new baby will be coming from John and myself.  With my Grammy being 80 years old now, I can only imagine that these little shocks in life must come with such elation and joy – I hope that she is so excited for us, and I honestly can’t wait to see her first response to hearing the good news.  Even though I am 12 weeks pregnant now, I have been waiting for the opportunity to tell my Grammy in person about our little munckin on-the-way … and tonight is my first opportunity to do so.  So as we dine tonight at Red Lobster, celebrating the life of my mother, Linda – and cheering her birthday wishes as she consumes lots of lobster … I am totally thrilled to be bringing some news to the table about a new little life that will be making an entrance into the DiBiase household hopefully sometime in October.  (October 4th is my due date, given by my MD – for those who have been wondering)  I will be enjoying chicken tonight, even though I am a devout seafood lover … thinking that it might be best to spare my growing little person all the mercury and other undesirable things that can be found in seafood.  At least John won’t be feeling so alone, as he enjoys his strickly chicken cuisine (because of his strong dislike for seafood).  So, although I feel like I am breaking some kind of rule about eating chicken at Red Lobster … I am planning to break into the conversation with my Grammy about our little person, when she realizes that I am not ordering the “Ultimate Feast!”  I sure hope it goes well.  ;o)


About the Author

Amy is a full-time Operating Room RN, an accomplished napper, and a sucker for bands like The Fold and Relient K, and just about anything that has to do with sharks. And come October, 2010, Amy will be venturing into the exciting world... of motherhood.